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Q: What is a DXA scan ?

A: A DXA (Dual X-ray absorptiometry) is a technique for scanning bone and measuring bone mineral density (BMD) using low dose radiation.

Q: Will I be going into a tunnel ?

A: No the scanner is open with a small arm that moves above you.

Q: Will I feel any sensations ?

A: No the scan is non-invasive or painful and requires that you lie down on a couch.

Q: Are there any risks in having a DXA scan ?

A: There are no known risks with the scan that uses a very low radiation dose, however if you are or suspect that you might be pregnant, you must inform the Radiographer immediately.

Q: How long is my appointment ?

A: The whole process takes approximately 20 minutes.

Q: Can I eat and drink prior to my appointment and scan ?

A: Yes you may eat and drink as normal.

Q: What do I need to wear ?

A: Loose clothing without zips if possible and avoid wearing jewellery.

Q: Will I receive the results of the scan straight away ?

A: The results of the scan will be reviewed by a consultant and sent to your GP, and you can discuss the scan with the Radiographer.

Q: May I bring a friend or relative with me ?

A: Yes you can although they will not be permitted to enter the scanning room as this is a controlled radiation area. If you require assistance there will be a Health Care Assistant (HCA) available to help.