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Q: What is an X-ray ?

Xrays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. Xray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body using ionizing radiation to generate images of the body.

Q: Will I be going into a tunnel ?

A: No depending on the image requested you will either stand or lie down on a couch with the X-ray arm positioned against you to obtain the correct image.

Q: Will I feel any sensations ?

A: No the X-ray is non-invasive or painful and is not visible.

Q: How long is my appointment ?

A: The whole process takes approximately 10 – 20 minutes depending on the body part to be imaged, it is very important that you remain still during the X-ray (a few seconds at the most) to avoid blurring of the image.

Q: Can I eat and drink prior to my appointment and scan ?

A: Yes you may eat and drink as normal unless you are informed of any special preparation when your appointment is confirmed.

Q: What do I need to wear ?

A: For most images you will be required to change into a gown, which is provided, avoid wearing jewellery, as this must be removed prior to your X-ray.

Q: Will I receive the results of the X-ray straight away ?

A: The X-ray image will be checked by the Radiographer to ensure that the image is a clear view and not blurred, this will then be viewed by a consultant for expert opinion and the findings will be sent to your GP.

Q: Are there any risks associated with X-ray ?

A: The radiation dose is controlled for the images required, theamount of radiation you are exposed to during an X-raydepends on the tissue, organ or bone being examined and this area will be exposed to a low level of radiation for a fraction of a second.

You must inform the Radiographer if you are or could possibly be pregnant as X-ray imaging is not usually recommended unless in an emergency.

Q: Are there any after effects from receiving an X-ray ?

A: You will not experience any effects from a standard X-ray and you can resume your normal activity straight away.

Q: May I bring a friend or relative with me ?

A: Yes you can although they will not be permitted to enter the X-ray area that is strictly controlled due to radiation rules. If you require assistance to get changed or you require assistance to get on or off of the X-ray table a Health Care Assistant (HCA) is there to assist.

Q: Will I be alone in the room ?

A: Once the Radiographer is happy with your position, they will stand behind a lead lined screen that has special glass to protect them from constant radiation, they can see you and communicate with you as normal. This is where the control panel that is used to control the system is located.